Is ChatGPT open source?

Is chat gpt free?

Yes, Chat GPT is a free service.

Is PaLM Open Source?

No, at this time PaLM is not open source.

How to use ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chatbot training platform that enables you to create chatbots without any coding.

What is the best way to use ChatGPT?

The best way to use ChatGPT is to create a chatbot and use it to engage with your customers.

Is PaLM Open Source?

Yes, PaLM is an open source project that is hosted on GitHub. PaLM is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Can PaLM be used for commercial purposes?
Yes, PaLM can be used for commercial purposes. The Apache License, Version 2.0, permits use, modification, and distribution for any purpose, even commercially.

Does Elon Musk own OpenAI?

Yes, Elon Musk is the founder of OpenAI.

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By Philip Anderson