Is Computer Science Your Next Career? This Is Top 10 Jobs For Computer Science Majors

The buzz around tech culture is everywhere, from the newest smartphone apps to the hottest tablets and phones, These advancements sound as futuristic as they sound. They are the result of real people who create innovative, diverse systems.

Computer science is a great career choice if you are interested in analyzing and creating new tech products, as well as designing your own. Even if you didn’t major in computer science there are still many opportunities that could excite you.

Computer Science Skills

Working in an ever-changing field requires you to be proficient in problem-solving. You will have to go through a lot of sprints before you can pass the unit test. Your flexibility and ability to work through pressing problems will be invaluable in these situations.

If you are looking for skills in computer science, critical thinking should be your first thought. There are many roles that require you to look at screens, analyze numbers, and test code. A person in this field must be able to see all sides of a problem and to analyze and modify things as if they were a machine.

But creativity is also a key component to your success. You must be able to see the big picture and think outside the box to create new ways to do computer science.

Here are the top 10 jobs for computer science majors, and everyone else who is interested.

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1. Software Developer

Software developers are responsible to create and develop websites, programs, or other applications that can run on computers, tablets, and other devices.

For these positions, a strong background in computer programming would be highly beneficial. These positions require interpersonal skills and the ability to work in teams.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Salary: About $105,000

2. Web Developer

Web Developers are programmers who focus on programming, designing or building out the layout of websites.

Essential skills: This position requires knowledge in HTML/CSS and Javascript. A collaborative approach is essential when working with other designers.

Salary: Around $69,000.

3. UX Designer

UX Designers help users create relevant and meaningful experiences on particular products or platforms. They are the reason you love your favorite apps and their interfaces.

The skills you need to succeed in this role include knowledge of programming and computer systems. This will help you communicate your design visions to your team. You will also benefit from user empathy. This will allow you to see the product through the eyes of future users and adapt accordingly.

Salary: Approximately $74,000.

4. Mobile App Developer

Similar to Web Developers but with a different area of expertise, Mobile App Developers can create, code, and test mobile apps.

Skills: For sake of versatility, you will need to be able to use both Objective-C and Java in order for your iPhones and Androids to function properly.

Salary: Approximately $69,000.

5. IT Project Manager

IT Project Managers are responsible for planning, budgeting, and running the IT goals and initiatives of organizations.

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This role requires strong leadership skills. The IT Project Manager will not only be responsible for leading a team but also for guiding, hiring, and making decisions that are in the best interest of the entire organization.

Salary: Around $120,000.

6. Information Security Analyst

Information Security Analysts manage the implementation of safety measures and protect a company’s computer networks.

For the security of the whole company, it is essential to have excellent skills. You must be able to anticipate outcomes and adjust security accordingly.

Salary: Around $98,000.

7. Systems Architect

Systems Architects examine a company holistically in order to find the best IT strategy that will achieve their department’s objectives. They design the architecture for the system in order to provide the best experience.

Skills: You need to be able to analyze the objectives of a company and figure out the number of resources that it will require. The ability to analyze, interpret, and solve customer problems is a plus.

Salary: Around $109,000.

8. AI Engineer

In Artificial Intelligence (AI), Engineers develop, test, and create computer systems with the goal of imitating human intelligence.

Skill Set: This job requires programming, along with a solid understanding and application of linear algebra, probability, statistics, and software development.

Salary: Approximately $144,000.

9. Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer Hardware Engineers design, develop, test, and construct computer systems and components, such as chips, memory, and circuit boards.

Skills: When working with software developers to develop projects, you will need to have strong technical and analytic skills.

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Salary: Around $140,000.

10. Video Game Developer

These are the developers behind the games you enjoy in your free time. They program on multiple systems and work with other developers in the creation of playable games.

This role requires storytelling skills as well as the ability to plan and execute plots. It is valuable to have a vision for the project and some ideas for how it will be executed, not just know the programming language.

Salary: Approximately $85,000.

By Philip Anderson