Is Windows 11 still worse for gaming?

Does Windows 11 have worse gaming performance?

Windows 11 has not been released yet. Previous versions of Windows have not had worse gaming performance than competing operating systems. It is unlikely that Windows 11 will have worse gaming performance than other operating systems.

Is Windows 11 better for gaming now?

Windows 11 is the newest version of Microsoft Windows, and it has been designed with gaming in mind. There are several new features that make Windows 11 a great choice for gamers, including:

1. DirectX 12 support. This latest version of DirectX is designed to improve gaming performance on Windows.

2. WDDM 2.0 support. This new version of Windows Display Driver Model improves gaming performance and stability.

3. Low-latency mode. This new mode reduces input lag, which is especially important for competitive gamers.

4. Game Mode. This new mode optimizes your system for gaming, giving you the best possible gaming experience.

5. Better multitasking support. With Windows 11, you can now open multiple games and applications simultaneously without performance degradation.

6. Increased security. Windows 11 includes a number of new security features to protect your system and data from malware and other threats.

7. Improved game streaming. With Windows 11, you can now stream your games to Twitch or other streaming services with ease.

Overall, Windows 11 is a great choice for gamers. If you’re looking for the best gaming experience, then Windows 11 is the way to go.

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By Philip Anderson