Hi everyone.

This is a written tutorial on how to install our PAA script and start making some dollars.

Generally, this is a very affordable and powerful script that scrapes the PAA section from Google.

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Stay tuned and let’s get into it.

Step-by-step guide on how to install and run the PAA script.


We will start with the requirements.

You will need:

Python version 3.9.12 (This is a must, as the script will not work on the latest Python versions unless you are an expert in python programming and do a few changes to make it work, otherwise just stick with 3.9.12 and you will not have any issues).
Domain – recommended will be to buy an expired domain with some authority. (choose the domain in your niche)
Hosting with Cpanel (VPS server with Cpanel, you can install Hestia which is free. Buy a server with at least 40GB storage)
WordPress installation ( Install WordPress on your new domain)
VPS Windows server (This is optional just to not run the script on your computer 24h).
Open Panel Server (This is optional, to run the script on Cron Job)
Chrome Driver – chromium (You will need a chrome driver browser for the script to open Google.com and scrape the PAA section)

Now that you have everything prepared, let’s install People Also Ask Python Script.

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First thing first, if you have any Python version installed on your computer, please delete it and install Python 3.9.12(included in the PAA script folder).
Our suggestion is to buy a Windows VPS server and install the script on it, instead of your computer, but if you decided to do it on your machine, install the version mentioned above.

Let’s get started

Open your C drive and create 2 folders with the same names you can see in the image (see attached)

paa, img

chrome driver (go to https://chromedriver.chromium.org/downloads and find the same version as your Chrome browser, download it and upload it to C drive(same as the image shows) see attached)

Once you finished with C drive step go and open PhpMyAdmin in your Cpanel

The next step is to click on a database where your WordPress website is installed

Now click on import in the top menu

Click on choose file and upload a paa.sql file from the PAA script folder

On the left-hand side, click on just uploaded table called ‘paa’

This is the step where you need to add your questions. The recommended number of questions is 5-10. These can be general questions, but we would suggest you to choose specific niche and create the questions based on the niche. Do keyword research for better results. Please note that the title and status fields cannot be empty.

Once you are done with adding the questions, click on go and that should be it for this step. You can close your PhpMyAdmin

Let’s go to the next step where you need to add your database details into 2 files: addkey.php and firstkey.php

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Find the firstkey.php file in the PAA Script folder, and click on edit(right-click with your mouse to see the edit option)
Add your database details from a wp-config.php file which you can find in the file manager where your WP website is stored.

Same as the firstkey.php, copy and paste your database details from the wp-config.php file which you can find in your file manager where your WordPress website is installed.

When you are finished with the firstkey.php and addkey.php files, open the paascript.py file and add your website details in the fields marked in yellow.

In this step, you will need to go to your WordPress backend and click on users from the dashboard menu. (see attached)


    Scroll down and find the new application password name section

Put any name and click on add new application password

You will get 24 characters password that you need to copy to your paascript.py file in the PAA folder.

When you are done with editing all the necessary files, the next step is to copy(add) to your file manager where your WP website root is.

We are coming to the step where we need to install python packages(modules) from the requirements.txt file

Go to your C drive where you placed your paa folder and type ‘cmd‘ in the explorer path

Once the command prompt is opened, type the following command: pip install -r requirements.txt and press enter
wait for 5-6 minutes for downloads to finish and close it once is done.


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Open a paascript.py file and add the proxy code. (the code is below the image) Do the same as the image shows, just replace the proxy IP and port with your ones. 

proxy_ip_port = ‘’ #here goes your Proxy IP and Port!!!

proxy = Proxy()

proxy.proxy_type = ProxyType.MANUAL
proxy.http_proxy = proxy_ip_port
proxy.ssl_proxy = proxy_ip_port

capabilities = webdriver.DesiredCapabilities.CHROME

driver = webdriver.Chrome(“C:/chromedriver.exe”, desired_capabilities = capabilities)

That’s it. You should be able now to test the script and check if everything works well.

To test the script, search for Windows PowerShell and open it.

In PowerShell type the following command:  python C:/paa/paascript.py and press enter. If you set up everything correctly, the script should start automatically.

To purchase the script, click on the buy now button.