Tips for tech startups

At first, the path to achieving the job of your dreams will demand a lot from you. It is not as “easy” as many try to claim. We can make a comparison with climbing a mountain. Why this example?


Climbing requires techniques and skills from the climbers. One needs them to overcome this challenge. And, for sure, programming is an action that requires this when solving problems, creating the functions requested by companies, for example. So, we need to be able to overcome such obstacles.


Difficulties and potentialities found in the I.T. area


The first difficulty found is for the small number of people trained in the area. In other words, in the same proportion, in the same degree of demand that the demand for the I.T. area increases, basic training is also required to work in the area. That is why I suggest that we always seek to specialize, take courses, watch programming classes, for example, on youtube, workshops, lectures.

Therefore, it is recommended to study the area more and more deeply, so that we can keep up with the sector’s growth and, at the same time, have a differential in order not to be “overtaken” by the competition. As we know, the more technical knowledge, the better.


Play along with the company


A second difficulty to be discussed is knowing how to understand what the company’s characteristics are so that you can present new looks, and new strategies that help expand the business of the company you work for.

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So, besides programming, it is interesting that you adapt yourself to the company’s profile so that, together with the other colleagues (nobody does anything alone), you can enhance the company even more. With this, you can perceive gaps that were not seen before.

It is more of a strategic look, but you don’t have to know that. It is just a suggestion that can “leverage” your development in the company you work for.


Career plans


A third difficulty is to note that, before accepting the job, think about the career plan suggested by the company, because in the same way that the degree of demand and requirements increases, the professional also has to see what is best for him/her.

Both (professional and company) need to benefit. Therefore, analyze well the proposals and “rights” that you will have if you accept the job. It may take time, but it is rewarding

Training required by the companies


The fifth difficulty involves the technology sector which has several professional backgrounds and some, mind you, are some that are most sought after. It is worth pointing out that we are not presenting a reductionist thought, in which only these courses are “good”, it is not that.


What I will show is just a look at some courses that are most sought after by companies in general. These are:


Software Developer


You know when you access your cell phone, turn on your computer and there are programs on it, or you download them to run on your device.

So, the software developer is responsible for this. I am speaking in a very general way, so as not to lose the focus of the reading of the text. This software developer is also called a programmer. What does a programmer do?

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Roughly speaking, he/she develops programs for cell phones, computers, video games, and technological devices, among others.


Information security


You know the professional who watches over the security of what circulates on the internet; he or she is concerned with protecting the information that is made available in digital banks, data, and personal information.

It is a growing area since many people register on websites and need to have this secrecy. It is an industry that helps prevent hackers from getting into the account. It is being sought after by many companies.

QA (Quality Analyst)


First of all, it is important to explain what is meant by the abbreviation “QA”, which stands for “Quality Analyst”.

By the name itself we can deduce that this professional works in a sector directed to the quality of the product, that is, he aims to verify if that product “A” delivered to the consumer is of quality or has flaws, errors, bugs in its development.

That’s right, he/she does tests to see if he/she can find any “problems” in what will be offered. That is why this professional needs to have a vast knowledge about technology so that he/she can help in the quality of the analyzed product.

Many companies are hiring more and more of these “Q,A” professionals. Precisely because they understand that customers do not want products with “flaws”.

Then it is the turn of these professionals to make a difference in the company, as well as in the presented quality of the digital product.


SRE (Site Reliability Engineering)


Do you like to have contact with secure digital platforms? Know that there are professionals who take care of the infrastructure of the sites you access.

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The professionals who work in SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) have as one of their objectives to prevent any instability in the software, by bringing confidence in your access and agility in your command, in the movement of the site, for example.

It elaborates automation, that is, it makes the digital tool itself, in this case, the software, capable of making auto corrections when the site destabilizes.


All this is done before (preferably) so that the client accessing the site does not have any problems with the site, but this professional can act after a possible error, even after the client accesses it.

This is why we expect agility and practicality from the SRE when it comes to performing such actions to improve when it is accessed, the agility of the site.


Final considerations


These tips are only suggestions for you who seek to “increase” your knowledge in the area, as well as to go over some gaps that are in this sector and have already been covered in the previous paragraphs. It is a preparation for you who want to enter the area. As we have seen, it is a promising and very attractive sector.

We hope that these tips will contribute in some way to your career as a programmer.

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By Philip Anderson